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11 Nov 2023

Healthy Bladder Habits

By By Erin Lanting, BSc, MScPT You might be wondering why we are talking about your bladder in this blog, but from a physiotherapy perspective, healthy bladder habits are very important and strongly connected to your pelvic floor, lower back & core muscles. These muscles are linked to all sorts of symptoms and dysfunctions that we see in the clinic on a regular basis. Anytime a patient is seeking treatment for lower back or hip pain, diastasis rectus, or has complaints of problem... More

08 Feb 2023

Why do my shoulder blades stick out?

By Erin Lanting, BSc, MScPT Do you feel like, or have you been told that your shoulder blades stick out? This is called scapular winging and it’s essentially a muscular weakness that often results from poor posture and/or muscle imbalance. Today we are going to talk about what scapular winging is, why it happens and ultimately what we can do about it to bring our muscles back into balance and prevent future injury. I will post some articles and videos to our facebook page in the coming we... More

30 Dec 2022


By Erin Lanting, BSc., MScPT  Wherever you are right now, in whatever position you might be, what is happening with your stomach? Are you pulling it in or is it completely relaxed? Chances are that many of you are pulling those tummy’s in and its likely something you are doing without even realizing it. How many of you want to look your best on the beach or in a photo? These are just a couple reasons we may consciously pull our bellies in, which can then lead to us doing it on mo... More