TWO HANDS PHYSIOTHERAPY was established to meet the needs of dog owners!  Dog owners with sore joints, sore necks, sore backs, & sore muscles!  Owner, Laurie Edge-Hughes had heard so many dog owners say, “Where can I find a physiotherapist to treat me like my dog gets treated here at The Canine Fitness Centre?”  And she also noticed that many dog owners would complain about their own aching joints while their dogs were being treated.  So to help out sore & achy dog owners, Two Hands Physiotherapy was born!

Is pain stopping you from enjoying life and being able to do what you want to do?

Are you looking for a physiotherapist that treats you, one on one, giving you their full attention and care?  Are you looking for a physiotherapist that can treat your spine, joints, & muscles with skilled hands, advanced therapeutic machinery, and targeted exercise prescription?  Do you want to be treated by someone that is interested in getting to know you and what you want to be doing?

Two Hands Physiotherapy is here for you!!!

We are located within The Canine Fitness Centre.  Dog owners will be comfortable & familiar with the surroundings, and neighbours will find us convenient. (But if you have a dog allergy, we’re not for you, I’m afraid!)

What are you waiting for?  Let’s start getting you better!